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Illustration of the Nervous System

Nervous System

The average adult brain weighs 3 lbs. and contains 100 billion nerve cells. The brain regulates and controls functions of the body by using the spinal cord which starts at the base of the brain and extends just below the waist.

Thirty-one pair of nerves branch off the spinal cord and form a network of offshoots like branches of a tree and cover every inch of the body.  The nervous system controls and regulates conditions in the body by constantly relaying information back and forth from the brain down the spinal cord to 31 pair of spinal nerves to the rest of the body.  Any nerve interference can alter normal function of the body.  Due to its vital role in our well being, nature provides protection of the brain with the boney armor called the skull.  The spinal cord is likewise housed in the protective bony spinal column.  The spinal column consists of 24 movable vertebra with a disc in between each.  Each of the 24 vertebra has a large central hole which, when stacked upon each other, form a tube in the center or the spinal canal.  The spinal cord runs through this canal, and at 31 different locations on each side, allows these offshoots of the spinal cord to exit between the vertebra.  This junction where the spinal cord sends its offshoots between the vertebra is a very common area to find nerve irritation in different forms.  Focusing on this vital area of the spinal cord and branching nervous system is why chiropractors are effective when others are not.

Correct spinal alignment is vital to the health of the spinal cord and its amazing communication system of nerves.  Discover Schonhard Chiropractic - The Jackson Husband and Wife Chiropractic Team.

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