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A man with mid-back and rib pain

Mid-Back and Rib Pain

At our Jackson, Michigan chiropractic clinic, a common chief complaint is mid-back pain and stiffness.  Sometimes a traumatic fall can cause mid-back pain, but more commonly, a person bends or twists a certain way and mid-back or rib pain ensues.  There are numerous muscles in the mid-back or thoracic spine.  These muscles help move the upper body and trunk and are a common source of injury.  Over-exertion of the muscles in the mid-back coupled with poor spinal alignment lead to most mid-back strains.  This type of pain is normally a dull ache.

The thoracic spine of mid-back contain 12 vertebrae which each attach to a pair of ribs.  Because the thoracic spine attaches to the ribs, it does not allow the same range of motion as the cervical spine (neck) or lumbar spine (low back).  Therefore, disc herniations are much less common in thoracic spine.

A common cause of vertebral problems in the thoracic spine include vertebral subluxation (misalignment) a condition where the vertebra becomes misaligned and move abnormally resulting in pain, muscle spasm, and nerve irritation.  When the thoracic (mid-back) vertebra become misaligned, the rib can also become misaligned.  When the ribs “go out” or misalign in relation to the connecting thoracic vertebra, the pain is often sharp, especially with twisting or a deep breath.

As with vertebral misalignments, chiropractors can successfully adjust the rib into correct alignment.  If you’re in Jackson, Michigan, and suffering from mid-back pain or rib pain, discover Schonhard Chiropractic - The Jackson Husband and Wife Chiropractic Team.

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