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Who is the best chiropractor in Jackson, MI?

It depends who you ask, but great chiropractors tend to share similar qualities.  The best chiropractors in Jackson, MI communicate or connect with the patients.  They are empathetic and truly understand what the patient is experiencing.  The best chiropractors can focus on the patients they are seeing and their specific and individual needs, which creates a relaxed atmosphere.  Great chiropractors are very knowledgeable in multiple health and wellness areas.  The best chiropractors are willing to show humility and willing to tell a patient when another form of medical treatment might be a better treatment option.  Great chiropractors are very skilled with their hands and have a good manual coordination.  The best chiropractors always have a deep passion for chiropractic and strong sense of purpose to help as many people as possible to become healthy. 

Perhaps this website is your first stop in your quest for the best chiropractor in Jackson, MI.  If this is the case, we will attempt to answer as many questions about our chiropractic office as we can. 

  • Both chiropractors graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1992.
  • Convenient location between Blair Tire and Laurence Avenue in Jackson, Michigan, 49202, Blackman Township.  
  • We accept many insurances.  If you are not sure of your coverage we would be happy to check into it and answer any questions. 
  • Schonhard Chiropractic has one of the lowest fee schedules in Jackson County.
  • Both Chiropractors are National Board Certified and licensed in the great state of Michigan.
  • Chiropractor- Ann M. Schonhard offers a gentle effective chiropractic approach, and has a vast understanding of women and children and their specific health care needs.  
  • Chiropractor- Eric V. Schonhard is a Jackson, MI native, and offers a firm approach with his chiropractic care. 

If you are looking for great chiropractors in Jackson, MI, then discover Schonhard Chiropractic!

"The Husband & Wife Chiropractic Team."

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