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Selecting A Quality Mattress

Steel coils are the inner springs that provide the support of the mattress.

  • Coils with lower gauge number = heavier, thicker, stiffer
  • Heavier gauge= more support
  • Interconnecting wires between coils, keep coils in alignment
  • Low number of interconnecting wires = mattress sag.
  • Coil count per mattress in normally 300-700 coils
  • Firm mattress = higher coil count
  • More coils = more support
  • Low coil count = lumpy mattress (General)

The upholstery part ofthe mattress is the layer of material (Foam Fabric) between you and the coils.

  • Upholstery gives mattress it basic comfort.
  • Pillow top or Regular? Choose whatever feels the best to you. The support comes from the coils below the upholstery.
  • Choosing pillow top will allow increased firmness and still have comfort.
  • Rotate pillow top regularly to avoid canoe effect.
  • Sturdy mattress edge is a must, make sure you have full support on mattress edges. You should not roll off because edge is weak.
  • Examine the quality of stitching on the mattress top, look for consistent unbroken stitches.

Box springs are the foundation of the mattress.

  • Always buy your BED as a set, mattress and box springs. This will increase the life of the mattress
  • Box springs should be re-enforced with steel spans. This will add to the life ofthe mattress.


  • The warranty is very important to understand and if possible get in written form.
  • Most warranties are 10 years. Normally, warranties are prorated. If mattress fails in the 9th year, you should receive 10% refund toward a purchase of a new mattress.
  • A good warranty is worth the extra cost.
  • Purchase mattress from a trusted Jackson, MI store.
  • It is very important to understand the return policy. Can you return the mattress in 30, 60, or 90 days from purchase if it does not fit your individual needs?
  • Try to get return policy in written form.
  • Will the store dispose of old mattress at no charge?

We hope this condensed version helps with your search for a quality mattress.
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