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Spinal x-ray

The Chiropractor and Spinal X-Rays

A very common question in our chiropractic clinic is if spinal x-rays are necessary in order to get adjusted by the chiropractor.

At Schonhard Chiropractic in Jackson, MI - the chiropractors will only take x-ray if warranted. In our Jackson chiropractic office, the chiropractors use diagnostic x-rays in a specific targeted fashion to increase the understanding of your spinal anatomy.

The chiropractors at Schonhard Chiropractic will only take x-rays when necessary to confirm a diagnosis or rule out the need for referral. The goal at Schonhard Chiropractic is to do what is in the patients' best interest in the most efficient, cost effective, and safest possible manner. Diagnostic x-rays can quickly identify and isolate the root or primary cause of your health concern and the severity. By understanding your individual case in detail, the chiropractors at Jackson's Schonhard Chiropractic can focus on the primary cause of your health concern.

By identifying the primary cause the patient will have a quicker recovery with potentially less treatment. At Schonhard Chiropractic we strive to give Jackson, MI residents the best, safest, and most cost effective chiropractic care available. We strongly believe that in most instances diagnostic x-rays are a benefit to the chiropractic patients' care. A focused spinal x-ray will lead to more effective treatment, a quicker recover and less risk. Dr. Ann and Dr. Eric have been practicing chiropractors in Jackson, MI since 1993. Both chiropractors have the clinical knowledge and experience to determine if x-rays are warranted.

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