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Maintaining Adjustments

At Schonhard Chiropractic in Jackson, Michigan, our main thrust has always been the skilled, gentle chiropractic adjustment.

In our Jackson, Michigan office, we incorporate many different therapies to compliment the chiropractic adjustment.  Exercise therapy is vital to the long-term health of the spine as well as the whole body.  As chiropractors, we understand the importance of the muscular system and how it relates to effective long term correction of spinal misalignments.  In Jackson, most jobs require long periods of sitting at a computer using predominantly one arm/hand repetitively to operate the mouse.  Other jobs require long periods of standing on the shop floor, bending forward while either pushing, pulling, or lifting repetitively, and using predominately one side more than the other, leading to muscle imbalance.  We all use some muscle groups more than others, which leads to imbalances, and these muscle imbalances will effect the long term recovery of all spinal conditions.

Our chiropractic adjustments will be more effective if we can isolate these muscle imbalances and understand how they relate to the spinal condition at hand.  Once identified, these imbalances will be stretched out in the case of tight muscles, or strengthened in the case of weak, stretched out muscles.  Both are vital.

Our chiropractic patients are strongly encouraged to take an active approach to their recovery by doing exercises at home that are very specific to their condition.  This active approach is where we differ from some chiropractic offices.  With an active approach and working together, patients hold their chiropractic adjustment longer and recovery is quicker.

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